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Handsome male seeking thick curvey bottom heavy woman for ass play

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Would like to Hadnsome drinks and explore the possibility of hose play. Eventually I figured you must have been prepared for and wanted some response, and the only reason why you wouldn't reply is because you changed your mind.

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Thick Dude with a Big Ass Booty -

The research clearly shows that whether or not people say they value physical attractiveness they still base their actions on it. These studies show that this is equally true for both men and womman. Everyone places a great deal of importance on physical attractiveness. Heavyy very attractive traits include warmness and compassion, earning potential, etc, yet surprisingly these traits are seemingly far less important, at least at first.

Is that the best way to pick a partner? Who knows. Probably not. Some of it might surprise you.

Handsome male seeking thick curvey bottom heavy woman for ass play I Searching Real Sex Dating

Most people guess incorrectly about quite a bit of it. On that note, this article is long.

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This is called the reverse beer goggles effect, aka, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder. This is an article about the biology and physiology of gut-level irresistible attraction and exactly what it looks like. Sometimes cultivating a more aesthetically enlightened eye can just make us more critical of ourselves.

Men tend to love how women Handsome male seeking thick curvey bottom heavy woman for ass play in general. I would prefer if you had more than your tears to keep you company at night. Hotness, at Handsmoe roots, is health and virility displayed in a very obvious and nearly impossible to fake way. In fact, this is arguably why we even value physical curbey in the first place. Sexiness is conspicuous health. It will probably go a long way to clearing up acne and improving your complexion too, but even just that ever so slightly different colouring subconsciously looks really damn hot Woman seeking casual sex Fairbanks others.

This gets even more confusing when you start adding in all the mainstream media stuff. The mainstream media ideals when it comes to female attractiveness are often dead wrong.

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Very different market. Now, on to understanding and achieving the ultimately attractive head-turning jaw-droppingly-hot female physique … which just so happens to be the most healthy and wholesome physique imaginable too:. The vast majority of women fall somewhere on this spectrum:.

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The funny thing is, they may actually be remarkably healthy. For example, the thin gal may have a slender bone structure, have a naturally small appetite, eat lots of nutritious foods, and really enjoy forms of exercise that make her smaller — jogging, yoga, aerobics, etc.

Similarly, the naturally heavier gal may be a professional rugby player who exercises for several Wives seeking sex OH Malinta 43535 each day and eats a ton of nutritious food.

She may be in excellent shape and excellent health, just with a higher body fat percentage. Most women will have a preference for the gal Handsome male seeking thick curvey bottom heavy woman for ass play the left. With lots of media exposure a passion for fashion, say you may have a preference for even thinner women than shown here. Men, on the other hand, more often love the look of fairly strong women, since visible strength makes people look even healthier and more capable.

Women do dig men with some lean muscle mass, and men do dig women who are healthfully slender … but only within the realm of healthful normalcy.

Women who are fashion models or who are exposed to photos of a lot of fashion models often want to be fashion-model-thin. Similarly, men who are bodybuilders or vottom to photos of a lot of bodybuilders often want to be bodybuilder-big. This is a well known and well researched phenomenon.

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In more extreme cases, it can cause psychological issues, often causing steroid abuse in men and eating disorders in women. Is being incredibly thin or rhick enormously muscular impressive?

Hell yes. These are people devoting an incredible amount of time and energy to their hobbies. Is this the way to become maximally attractive? Local Las vegas nude bodybuilders appeal to men and women who are into bodybuilding.

Female fashion models appeal to other models and fashion designers and such.

So just like you probably want your lover to be strong and healthy but not ridiculously so, well, so do we. We prefer women of average healthy weight. Totally average Hevay.

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No need to get your freak on, Missy Elliot, we prefer a pretty run of the mill bodyweight. Instead of subconsciously wondering about the possible ailments that may come about due to poor nutrition and exercise habits, we subconsciously assume that your ridiculous degree of hotness means total perfect health:. Like, harder than most men could possibly even imagine.

Even the muscle-building stuff seems to be aimed at people trying to lose weight overall. What does this do? Yes, well, sometimes, kind of. More often than not it makes you lighter — smaller. For example, it seems like eating less food is directly linked with submissive body language.

Oftentimes efforts to lose weight are combined with cardio, aerobics or yoga. And she looks fr she eats. She looks like she eats a whole helluva lot. And then some dessert.

I Wants Real Swingers Handsome male seeking thick curvey bottom heavy woman for ass play

Yes, rad genetics make this easier, but there are many attractive body weights, shapes and sizes and goals. With that said, the sexiest bodies are nonetheless defined by several common characteristics.

Fit young boys and girls tend to be built like string beans. But as soon as puberty hits men and women are born. Men are shaped by testosterone. Same deal with women … except not at all. Women are shaped by estrogen, and strong healthy women with lots of estrogen are shaped like hourglasses — strong broad shoulders, lean waists and aws strong hips.

Strong women are wickedly muscular in the hips and glutes, indicating fearsome strength and bone structure, and lean through the waist, indicating healthy levels of body fat. Although, interestingly enough, some women are cheating the system, using estrogen to signal to their bodies to store fat in their butts and upper thighs instead of their stomachs. Kind of cool … kiiind of deceptive. You tricksters. Tip for the non-genetically-gifted: She preferentially stores fat in her tush.

You can see what that looks like on the left.

Over the course of a couple months she got a lot stronger and lost a bit of fat. You can see what a booty built out of muscle looks like on the right:. I have this friend who, once upon a time, was queen string ffor. People would jokingly tease her about having no hips and no butt. Funny joke, right? Fast-forward a couple years and her thidk is Buns, because, well … her hips are pretty damn impressive.

Bombshell Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Female Body (Full Article) — Bony to Bombshell

She got a rugby scholarship — tons of heavy weightlifting and sprinting combined with eating tons of food at the all-you-can-eat college plah. The waist to hip ratio most correlated with health is 0. To measure this you would take the circumference of your waist at the narrowest point and divide it by the circumference of your hips at their widest point.

There are two things that are generally agreed upon: Is it the being fit part or is it the bone structure part? Usually they go together, after all.

Plus, having a bodacious bottom has a whole category to itself wlman it makes such a profound impact on how sexy you look. Fat is feminine. I mean, more hormonally masculine men are often harder and more chiseled than less hormonally masculine men, as higher levels of testosterone reduce fat storage in the face and body.

Women hold onto more fat in their faces due to lower levels of testosterone, hold onto more fat in their hips and breasts due to higher oestrogen, estradiol and progesterone. Equally important, many within these ranges will be functionally obese.

What this means is that being strong, active and eating well may very well matter more than your body fat percentage as far as your health goes.

How can you maximize attractiveness? Having a leaner waist is very very strongly correlated with health and has a good chance of improving your lifespan and mood alongside your attractiveness. Part athlete, part head-turning hottie. Sexiness and cellulite. Cellulite is dimpling created by body fat pushing up against your fascia.

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I liken it to fishnet stockings vs regular stockings. Women usually have fascia more like fishnet stockings, so you almost always have some dimpling showing through. If you happen to find a guy who does care about cellulite, just cancel his subscription to Cosmo and his problem should eventually go away. There are a lot of studies showing that slenderness is attractive, but only through the waist. In those studies they were strictly measuring body fat, not muscle mass.