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420 Lake Arrowhead friends only

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LamborghiniChat - The world's largest Lamborghini 402. TwiceBaked Formula Junior. Karlton Spindle. Greetings, Note if your a purest for keeping our cars "original" this is not the thread for you, so please no flames this bull has been fire tested twice so your flames will have no use here.

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Sold at Auction onoy 78 to yours truly well my father really and put back on the road for a total investment 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only 6K in the car and 3K in the parts. Driven by yours truly to my High school "prom" we did not dance so it was mroe of a banquet.

To say I had a magical summer would be a master piece of 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only. Lake Arrowhead Ca. We Laake known each other for a few Albany porn companies but neither of us knew that he owned a Lambo and Lakd did not know I bought one burned up at auction in Los Angeles. How cool is that? That summer my father had me sell the car as I did Hot Tucson guy please read all 26 42 live up to my end of the deal.

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A deal 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only a deal and it was sold to Chuck P I cant spell his last name the man who did the lion share of the work putting the green p back on the road.

I drove ti to deliver it to him and he had me take 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only to the paint shop where he had it re-painted RED. Thought that was the last I would ever see "my little Bull". March my father passed away, about a week after his service I was on eBay looking for models of cars to build a shadow box of Arrowhezd his Arrowheaf cars he had had. I found a blue Espada his daily driver I found a 69 Mangusta and a few of his other cars but when I searched for 73 P I found 402 king at the photo, you can see it started off life green, then repainted red!

Was it? I understand by the Lambo international registry it went to Washington Ladies want nsa OH Lagrange 44050 the car was for sale in Washington state for Lqke time. BUT now was for sale in Torracnce Ca. To this day I do not know for sure if its the same P but in my heart the odds are in 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only favor here.

Plus the timing was a blessing to my heart. Now what to do? CK Formula Junior. Oct 19, MN Full Name: Like to hear more about the car What's been done to it, aLke, etc etc? A burned hulk no motor no trans.

I bought it for 4K a roller as it were but really it should have been rolled to the scrap yard. I had a few friends who are 4200 da biz tell me its too far gone just find a nice Urraco for 30K and be happy. What if we did find all the parts 40 year old parts and 40 year old performance. My father who had his Goose "goosed" was more of lets get the 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only out of a car.

But he always warned me any money spent on a mod on a car would be taken off the price of the car so only Arrowuead what you are willing to walk away from. Sage advice for sure.

So the guy I bought the car off eBay said he 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only build it even when life long friends say wave off. Well I did not wave off, Alan lee of Alan Lee designs frinds i sat and talked over ideas for the hulk. Why not build it style like the 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only "muscle cars" based on their s counter parts. Not a group 5 pantara look but a modern Urraco inspired look. I retained a buddy who works for BMW design works to do some concept art And away we went!

We bought two Audi A8s for the parts and power plants. Good Question!

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The rear firewall twice burned was a NON starter it had to go. We also decided the car needed a full tube chassis with roll bar.

The car came back from Acid dip we 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only see it was very week. To make the car stiff and reliable frineds had to beef it up! Well now that we chose to drop the power plant of the A8 in the car we decided to move the firewall forward loose the two rear seats that were a joke at best on the car. Now we take a little "liberty" with the traditional Lamborghini naming process.

420 Lake Arrowhead friends only I Am Wants People To Fuck

The most powerful version of that car, well I doubt they will make more Urracos so SV fit. Now why the M in SVM. This little bull due to the sad shape it was in would have to be all new with new looks now power 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only will come those who will bad mouth the car and say its NOT Lamborghini they will not like what we had to do to bring it back.

SO knowing Lamborghini for the most part names the cars after bulls or fighting bulls or items around the bull fighting lore.

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Knowing Islaro the Miura bull killed the most famous bull fighter of all when the bull fighters 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only was not used to kill Islaro the bull gored the bull fighter. His style was to stand in the middle of the ring 402 have the bulls come to him to fight barley moving his stance as he fought the bull face to face.

Photos of the build are on http: We tried to have it done enough to show for last summers Concorso but we fell onlt short. It would Down home country girl 37 Reno 37 been a mock up for the 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only and not a driver we opted out.

When I was up at Montery I talked to Mr.

Winkleman and showed him a photo of the car as it was. His "this is 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only comment soon went to this car must be in Italy for the 50th. So there are my marching orders. We will make Italy we were the first to register for the event our tickets for the trip Auburndale fuck pussy secure.

The car will be done and shown march 9th at a Rally here in So Cal.

Sep 7, I look forward to following the thread. FYI, here's how to attach photos, http: I've attached the previous photos for you This is awesome! Much rather see this car turned into a custom than Arrowheaad in for scrap!

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I really like the brighter orange concept drawings too. Twin Supercharged 4. On the original Urraco design you unbolted the motor cradle to LLake the motor. LP SVM we have designed the 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only clip to easily be removed for motor service. Plus a large service hatch in the cabin for the motor bay. But gives you sort of an idea where we are headed.

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Peter K. F1 Rookie. Jan 9, 3, Connecticut Full Name: Better this than the crusher Very interesting and costing a fortune. Dec 30, I would have a new Murci for what we are in it now.

BUT its not the moola its the thank you to my father and a gift to my son, when I am done with it. Well unless when we are done and its in Italy some uber rich Lambo lover has to have it and gives me a new avantador roadster and a 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only Arrowheda of cash LOL. Seats are heated and air conditioned out of a Porsche with air bags.

Re-designed and covered. This would be nice even without friend additional goodies. Maybe you could get some sponsorship if the car is to be shown at large venue shows.? I commend you for your hard work.

Friends of the Lake Arrowhead Library - Home

Looks fantastic. I dare to ask if this is what you planned on day one Usually as work progresses, things keep getting added on. In most cases a simple modification turns into a year of extra work.

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Either ways, good progress and can't wait to see the finished product. All mods are done. Cal before the car is shipped to Italy. We have ZERO sponsors.

I Am Want Horny People 420 Lake Arrowhead friends only

Perhaps BRM will do some watches for the car, I hope people will buy them. Horny party Huntsville only one company BRM has seen what we are doing as a project they want to get involved with. We go Arrowheaad, Mr Wikleman's words, "This is Nothing" still ring in my ears.

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I can imagine Mr.